McLanahan Dewatering Screens

Increase Efficiency With A Drier Product

McLanahan Dewatering Screens have been known to achieve as low as 7% moisture content in sand products. A drier product means less stockpiling time for quicker sale, less mess under conveyors and less water lost to waste. All this adds up to a more profitable site for your operation. Whether you're in need of a new system or looking to upgrade the efficiency of your current plant, McLanahan Dewatering Screens are the perfect add-on to your operation.

McLanahan Dewatering Screens Continue to Set the Standard

Dewatering Screens are a staple in many industries and the go-to piece of equipment for creating a consistent drip-free product. They offer the highest level of dewatering without the use of a filter, which makes them a cost-effective option. 

History of Dewatering Screens

Dewatering Screens were introduced by VELCO in the 1970s to dewater coal in South Africa. Unlike traditional screens used for sizing and separating, Dewatering Screens were designed to capture all the material...[READ MORE].



Introducing A Dewatering Screen In A Modular Design

McLanahan Develops UltraDRY as Modular Solution to Improve Final Product Dryness

The McLanahan UltraDRY is a compact, modular, skid-mounted Dewatering Screen that can improve the final product dryness of Fine Material Screw Washer discharge.

“When you have a 15% moisture content coming from your screw discharge and you don’t want to wait days and weeks for your material to dewater properly, the UltraDRY will slide right under your existing screw washer and you have your dry material almost instantly,” Mechanical Engineer Cody Yingling said. “We can add the UltraDRY to pretty much any existing screw application and get the customer’s moisture content down to...[READ MORE].


How an UltraDRY Dewatering Screen Works

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McLanahan Dewatering Screens provide a drip-free, ready-to-sell product. They feature heavy-duty screen media for high capacity applications. Low maintenance, less stacking time and high performance make a McLanahan Dewatering Screen the perfect addition to your new or existing system.


High Force To Handle It All

The highest G force on the market makes the McLanahan Dewatering Screen able to handle the largest loads.


Slower For Drier Sand

Slower travel speeds allow for longer sand retention, which generates better drying time for a consistently drip-free product.


Dewater More Than One Product

McLanahan pioneers the use of deck dividers to allow up to three products to be dewatered at one time.

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