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Widely-used in sand, gravel, and crushed stone plants, McLanahan Sand Classifying Tanks provide an efficient and simple way to remove excess water and slimes or undesirable grain sizes from sand feeds. With decades of engineering and manufacturing Classifying Tanks and the components of Classifying Tank Based Sand Plants, McLanahan's expertise is unmatched. Because McLanahan offers the widest range of sand washing equipment, their Plants that combine Classifying Tanks with Screw Washers or USPs offer you the security of knowing that each component is McLanahan designed, built and supported for the lifetime of the machine. 

McLanahan's Sand Manager® Classifying Tank takes your efficiency to the next level. The touch-screen operating system allows the operator to remotely manage their product specifications by using a percentage-based approach in controlling the classifying and reblending process.


McLanahan Offers Classifying Tank Based Sand Plants with Fine Material Screws or Ultra Sand Plants

Sand Classifying Tanks have been a staple in the construction aggregates industry for more than 50 years. Also known as water scalping tanks, Classifying Tanks efficiently handle large amounts of water and offer the ability to create multiple specification products from one feed.

Classifying Tanks are divided into sections known as stations. As the sand slurry enters the sand tank, product sized sand particles are separated in successive sizes down the length of the tank, with coarse particles settling in the stations at the front of the tank, medium size particles settling in the middle and fine particles settling in the stations at the end of the tank. Valves in each station discharge sand to reblend the particles to a certain specification via a collecting flume and then discharge to dewatering equipment, such as Fine Material Screw Washers or Dewatering Screens, ahead of stockpiling.

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Dolese Case Study on McLanahan Classifying Tanks, USPs and Cross Belt Sampler


Dolese Bros. Co. is a full-service construction supply and materials operation in Oklahoma that operates five washed sand plants, eight crushed stone quarries and 32 ready-mix facilities. For more than 100 years, Dolese has remained focused on providing their customers with excellent service and quality products at a fair price.

Dolese’s Engineering Manager, Cory Shreffler, said Dolese understands the value of consistency when it comes to construction aggregates, and they know their customers feel the same way.

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Classifying Tanks Resources

At McLanahan, we aren't just here to sell you equipment - we're here to make sure that you're going to be up and running, creating material and making money. We provide our dealers and customers with educational resources to properly use, service and support their equipment. Here are a few of the resources available to you about your McLanahan Classifying Tank. 

WATCH: Classic Equipment - Sand Tanks and Screw Washers Webinar

READ: Maintenance Tips For Your Sand Tank

DOWNLOAD: Classifying Tanks Maintenance Schedule

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McLanahan's complete line of sand washing equipment ensures that their customers are getting the right solution for their operation. Whether you need to remove excess amounts of water from your feed or produce multiple products from a single feed, McLanahan can design a Classifying Tank Based Sand Plant for your specific application. With state-of-the-art controls for blending sand to specification and a well-thought-out design for ease of maintenance, McLanahan Sand Classifying Tanks ensure a consistent, in-spec product every time.

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In-House Lab

From the start, McLanahan is committed to ensuring you get the right equipment for your application. They'll test your sand product in their in-house lab to properly determine your needs.

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Portable Options

Semi-Portable and Portable Sand Plants are low profile, wheeled units with a Sand-Manager® Classifying Tank and a Fine Material Double Screw Washer. The trailer-mounted portable units make moving from site to site possible and simple.

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Certified Dealers & Parts

With an extensive trained dealer network and their stocked parts division, McLanahan is able to get your operation up and running and keep it that way. Parts are ready to ship daily so that you can minimize downtime when parts are needed.

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