A compact, modular, bolt-on design makes the McLanahan UltraDry quick to set up and easy to move from site to site. It utilizes McLanahan's proven Dewatering Screen, which provides increased sand retention and better drying time for a consistently dry, drip-free product that other types of equipment do not provide. The UltraDRY's low-profile design fits under any screw, as well as allows a stacking conveyor to be installed directly underneath the discharge end. It is available with a divided deck area to create two separate products from the same screen.



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McLanahan Tailors Fine Material Screw Washer for Unique Application

The McLanahan UltraDRY is a compact, modular, skid-mounted Dewatering Screen that can improve the final product dryness of Fine Material Screw Washer discharge.

“When you have a 15% moisture content coming from your screw discharge and you don’t want to wait days and weeks for your material to dewater properly, the UltraDRY will slide right under your existing screw washer and you have your dry material almost instantly,” Mechanical Engineer Cody Yingling said. “We can add the UltraDRY to pretty much any existing screw application and get the customer’s moisture content down to...[READ MORE].



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At McLanahan, we aren't just here to sell you equipment - we're here to make sure that you're going to be up and running, creating material and making money. We provide our dealers and customers with educational resources to properly use, service and support their equipment. Here are a few of the resources available to you about your McLanahan UltraDRY. 

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CASE STUDY: Luck Stone Sees As Low As 7% Moisture 

Combining a McLanahan Fine Material Screw Washer and Dewatering Screen Minimizes Drying Time For Faster ROI

Luck Stone is the largest privately held, family owned and operated producer of crushed stone, sand and gravel in the United States. Their 28 sites across Virginia, Maryland, Georgia and the Carolinas provide consistent, quality aggregate materials that serve as the foundation of roads, bridges and buildings.

At each new site Luck Stone develops, they extend their core operating principles of economic development, environmentally sound practices and values based leadership. They are committed to being a good neighbor and providing a positive impact on the communities in which they operate. 



Luck Stone McLanahan Dewatering ScreenIn 2002, Luck Stone purchased their Bull Run Plant in Chantilly, Va., to serve the growing Northern Virginia market. Started in the 1950s, the quarry was a low-volume, eight to 10-conveyor operation when Luck Stone began expansion efforts to meet the market demands. They moved a road to access more reserves and grew the site to approximately 70 conveyors that transport traprock from the quarry through the crushing and wet processing plants to the stockpiles.

The expansion efforts also included upgrading their asphalt sand processing plant to increase production.

“The main driver for the expansion of the sand plant here was just the demand in the market for sand products that needed to be clean,” said Craig Wiant, assistant plant manager at the Bull Run site. “At those volumes, we can’t afford to make a pile and let it decant before we sell it, so we really needed to be able to make it on the fly, ready to ship.”

The Bull Run Plant has a lot of stock turnover, so their sand needs to be ready to ship. They wanted a solution that would put the product on the ground as dry as possible.

“It’s really critical to us to have a lot of sand-making capacity but also to have a lot of sand on the ground that’s ready to sell,” shared Wiant.

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