Capable of producing three aggregate and two washed sand products, McLanahan is proud to introduce its next generation of washing equipment with the McLanahan UltraWASH Modular Wash Plant. Our complete line of modular processing equipment is designed for use in sand and gravel operations, C&D waste recycling, industrial sands and mining. These plants can be configured in a variety of ways to meet your unique processing needs, while still being quick to set up and easy to move as your deposit changes.


Modular Wash Plants, such as the McLanahan UltraWASH, are assembled from containerized washing modules and produce up to five products - three clean aggregate and two washed sand fractions. McLanahan produces a complete range of modules that can be configured to create a washing solution flexible enough to meet any production need. 

The McLanahan UltraWASH was designed with several unique features, including: 

  • A convertible sump for a single sand, single wash option or a bolt-in divider plate that creates a twin sand and pre-wash version.
  • The patent-pending Fines Forward Slide that can be manually adjusted to divert a portion of raw fines into the coarse sand processing stream to balance the downstream process for optimal plant capacity.
  • The patent-pending Eze-Riser that works with the pump service trolley to enable safe and efficient pump maintenance, such as changing the impellers or replacing the casing liners.
  • An aggregate discharge hood that allows for the recombination of aggregate product sizes for consolidated stockpiling or downstream processing via the manual operation of the hood's rubber-lined diversion traps.

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At McLanahan, we aren't just here to sell you equipment - we're here to make sure that you're going to be up and running, creating material and making money. We provide our dealers and customers with the tools they need to properly service and support their equipment. Here are a few of the resources available to help you learn more about the UltraWASH Modular Wash Plant.

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In addition to its traditional custom engineered plants, McLanahan has long been producing skid-mounted modular wash plants that are easy to move, convert and set up. The UltraWASH Modular Wash Plant line takes those plants to the next level with a set of standardized units that can be containerized for shipping and supplied quickly. It has also been engineered with all McLanahan field-proven equipment, along with several key features that make it more flexible and safer to maintain.

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Sump Conversion

With a conversion kit, the sump can be changed between a one- or two-pump setup, and the sand process can be altered to process a single wash, a double wash or a two product sand.

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Pump Maintenance

With the patent-pending Eze-Riser, a foot pedal lifts the discharge pipe from the pump and utilizes a locking mechanism to hold the pipe aloft, offering the clearance needed for the pump to roll out on the trolley service platform.

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Advanced Monitoring

The UltraWASH control system is designed to accurately predict wear and maintenance activities, as well as make automatic adjustments to your system. All available through remote and mobile access.

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